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Management Vlan Config - 7372

New Contributor II
I am trying to configure a 7372 with a static ip and on managment vlan 4. I can configure 7982's just fine but the 7372's do not work.

As soon as I change the management vlan on eth0 to vlan 4 I can no longer communicate with the AP at all. The cisco switch port it is plugged in to is a trunk port and the ZD is also on port 4. As I mentioned that the 7982's work fine like this. I have tried everything but no config works once I change the management vlan.

As I deal with networks daily I am quite confident in the subject matter of trunks and vlans, I just cannot understand why only the 7372's do this for me.

Order of steps
1. change port type to trunk
2. statically assign ip information for vlan 4 network (reconnect to web ui)
3. change management vlan to 4 (lose all connection)

New Contributor II
I fought with this for a long time. Finally I left the management vlan alone and connected the AP to the ZD on it's local vlan. Once connected to the ZD I would set the managment vlan on the AP through the ZD AP config page and it works fine.

Might work for you.

New Contributor II
Yes, thats a viable solution but in large deplyments you would be doing this process for each AP spending a lot of time and resources.

New Contributor II
I have the solution kindly given to me by Ruckus Personnel: Since the AP doesn't know ehich VLAN it has to use for management one has to configure this parameter manually on the AP interface. For example for ZF7363, on the GUI, first on "ethernet ports" you have to configure the port that it will connect to the network as "trunk". Then on "Internet" you look for the "management vlan" field and there you specify the ID you have previously configured on the ZD and voula! the AP integrates with the controller!

New Contributor
That's exactly what we tried and it fails every time for any 7372. Works fine on our 7982's.