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MESH speed/distance experience

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I would like to get your experience on the speed/distance of your MESH networks. I'm specifically looking for any tangible data on MESH links you have set-up especially in non rural and open areas with little or no interference.

I need to make the best educated guess I can

Anyone that posts an answer please specify at least the following:

1. Dostance between APs
2. AP models used
3. Antennas used (internal or external) - If ext. specify gain and angle.
4. Speedtest result (UDP and/or TCP)
5. General description of the are where APs were placed (city/rural, open/closed, etc)
5. Any known interference present (WiFi or non WiFi)


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Thought this was interesting but no one has volunteered any real world data.
Don't use MESH so cannot contribute.

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Thnks for the bump 🙂

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Let me see if I can help a bit, I manage a ifi area using ruckus 7762 ap's. We have 11 of them, distance between them range from 245ft to 940ft. Ruckus specs on these ap's say they can reach a distance of 300 meters. This is not true in our area. we are covered with trees, trimmed at a 16ft height. But, the ap's seem to only reach a maximum of 720ft. Our antennas are the 5gz Omni directional. Ruckus also says these ap's can reach 150 meters and maintain 50mbps, again, not so in the real environment. I have found the max to be 300ft or 100 meters. The decibel reading at 450ft or 150 meters will put you into the mid to upper 70's not allowing your customers to obtain a consistent connection. Speed test result using ruckus speed flex at 1 to 100 ft from ap is an upload of 1/2 meg and download regardless of my distance never completes. I am in a large area, and the park is covered with trees. We use ruckus smart mesh wifi technology, but this seems not to be a good idea in this type of environment. We will be wiring them into the router this year. The mesh system cause's the ap's to make to many jumps to get to the gateway.

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Those omni antennas are 5dB i think so they will not mesh that good. We have tested mesh in a congested city area and could r un about 30Mbps up&down at 300m, but without trees. Trees can be a bitch and there aren't that many buildings that could bounce the signal around, so maybe that's your problem.