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M510 AP - GPS question and Is possible to have Mesh and LTE as a backup wan connection ?

New Contributor III
I am studying for a public transport scenario and the M510 model look good to me.
But in the docs is not clear if mesh and LTE can work together in this model.

Lets say that I have a public station, and my transport as it runs its course sometimes can connect to my wireless outdoor models and establish a wireless connection as a backhaul, But  when it lose it, it can assume a LTE  ?   

WAN connection: the AP can be connected to the WAN either through the Ethernet or cellular data, and only from the primary SIM card. The options available are:
  • Ethernet primary with cellular failover - the AP is connected to the Ethernet if LTE fails
  • Cellular primary with Ethernet failover- the AP is connected to LTE if Ethernet connection fails.
  • Ethernet only
  • Cellular only        

One more question:
the data sheet says that its come with a GPS, but in the configuration guide there is no mention about a automatic GPS option. So gps will work ?

  Select the option. For Manual option, enter the following details:
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Altitude
thanks in advance.


For the first question, no, the M510 can't use a wireless mesh link as its uplink. The only options are Ethernet, LTE, and Ethernet + LTE backup. The M510 does support mesh, and it can be a root AP with other mesh APs connected to it, but it cannot be a mesh AP (connected via mesh uplink to another AP). 

For the second question, the M510 includes a GPS chip and an external GPS antenna. It will work if you connect the external GPS antenna. Probably will not work without the antenna connected. 🙂 

Thank you Jay !!
You think that a normal R510 + a USB dongle with LTE will be possible to have an mesh + LTE as backup ??

Sorry I don't know the answer to that one. Sounds like it might work (should be technically possible since R510 can be a mesh AP), but I don't know for sure. 

Hopefully someone who knows will post a better answer. Good luck!