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Looking for best practice for managing two unleashed networks for older and newer APS (unsupported Firmwares)

New Contributor II
I have several Wave 2 and several wave 1 unleashed devices. Are there best practices for running  two unleashed networks so that I can make use of them all? All devices have access to ethernet so I don't need mesh so shouldn't the Wave 1 devices work fine on their own? TIA - David

Community Manager
Community Manager

What are the AP models and what is the current firmware running on the unleashed AP?

- Anusha

It's a small network - Wave 2: 720, 710 - 200.9. Wave 1 - 600, 310 - latest version of 200.7. 



All these APs are supported in 200.7 firmware. So, you can create a single unleashed network and manage them in 200.7. However, if you want to use the latest version(200.9) for wave 2 APs, there is one more solution.

Create separate unleashed networks with a different IP range for wave 1 and wave 2 APs.

Manage R600 and R310(wave 1) APs in 200.7 and (R710 and R720) in 200.9

Note that these two networks should be in a different IP range.

- Anusha

Thanks very much - are there clear advantages of the newest firmware?