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Load Balancing APs and ZoneDirector

New Contributor
We are moving to 10Gbps Backbone and we are seeing a larger amount on devices connecting. We'd love to increase throughput to the APS and the Zone Director with Load Balancing.
I know they can give HR but Load balancing gives both Redundancy and increased throuput.
Please consider? If this could be done also at the AP with both POE and non POE ports (er somehow) that would be pretty cool!!!!

Valued Contributor
For ZD, this thread:

would suggest to me that there's one NIC controller not two so aggregating/combining the two ports would not give you any benefit.

Also since the ZD is only for config/info/control data you'd have too have huge numbers of APs to stress it's ethernet port.

As for APs well depends on the model...the more expensive ones might have seperate controllers.

As always...I could be worng (or even wrong)!