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Mesh Roaming Issues

New Contributor II
We got a small'ish mesh running on 7762-s outdoor APs and a 1100 ZD. The roaming between APs takes about 30-40 seconds on average. This can't be normal, and I can't seem to correct it. Any advice/help please?

Valued Contributor II
Hi Christo - can you give us more details? What kind of client? How close are the AP's to one another? What version of ZoneFlex (er..Smart/OS) is running?

Are you really running a mesh? (where some of your AP's are only wirelessly connected to the ZD?) How many "hops" are in the mesh?

Valued Contributor
Do you mean that clients get disconnected and reconnect after 40s or are you just expecting them to change an AP at a particular point?

New Contributor II
Hi Keith

Herewith my answers, sorry for the late reply but was on the road.

Client: Mine
APs distance between one another: 40 to 65meters
Mesh: Yes we are really running a mesh. We've done a few installations in the past. There are two root APs and then another 4 APs. The other 4 APs all have 1 hop to their respective root AP. From the root APs there are CAT6 cables going to a PTP CPE that is connecting 500m away to a Sectorised Antennae. From the sectorised antennae it goes into a switch and breaks out to the internet/business servers, etc.
Smart OS: Unfortunately I am not on site anymore to login and confirm this

kind regards,

Valued Contributor II
Sorry - by client I mean device type. Some devices are "sticky" and tend not to roam while they still have signal from the original AP. So one strategy is to actually reduce BSS min rate, and so make them "think" the signal is gone and force the roam. Sometimes the client device hears the AP, but the AP can't hear the (much weaker) client and so it fails to roam and loses connectivity.