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Issues with secondary Ethernet Port on r700 and zf7982 not passing traffic

New Contributor II
We have a number of 700s and 7982s which we often 'daisy-chain' hardline devices off of the second (non-poe) LAN port for connectivity. Occasionally an AP will have an issue where it doesn't bridge traffic between/through the two ports and the downstream device can't get a DHCP address/connection. 

Is this a systemic issue with the configuration that I'm just missing, or would it be a hardware issue specific to the APs?

On both the many APs that work and the ones that don't, the port settings are for both to be 'default' trunk passing all VLANs, I've tried setting it as access port as well just to check, still nothing.

Don't want to RMA these if it's something we've overlooked in the settings.

Valued Contributor
Hi Gregory,

This is not something I have seen before.
I strongly suggest you to open a case via the support portal and have it looked at.

What version are running on the access points ?

Kind regards