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Is it possible to turn off PoE-out on an H510? Either standalone or though a ZD or SZ?

New Contributor III
I have a customer who is concerned with a printer being plugged into the PoE port of an H510. 2 have failed so far and the manufacturer is complaining that the PoE port is burning it out. The customer realizes that this is ridiculous, but to satisfy the manufacturer they figured if we can disable power to the port and another one fails, they can reject the repair costs. Any ideas if PoE out can be disabled in any fashion on the AP port?

You can disable PoE out from the ZD CLI using the command "poe-out disable" from either the specific AP configuration, or the AP group, model-specific settings (to configure all H510's in the AP group at once). 

See ZD CLI Reference Guide for info. I don't know about SZ, but I expect it should be similar - the command may be different. 

Hope it helps.

New Contributor III
Got it. Thank you! I checked through the SZ CLI manual and found it. Thanks for the reply.

Valued Contributor
Or to be even more definitive put another (non-poe) switch between printer and AP.