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Intel AX210 connection issue

New Contributor

In my enviroment , R720 version is , now is without MA !!!

Recently , user complain their wireless is not satble ~~~~ After I check with their laptop , I found their wireless NIC is Intel AX210 with old version (before 2023/03/03) ,then I check with the lastest driver version on Intel , it is 2023/03/29, So I update their wireless NIC driver to test !

If anyone can tell me , what I can check to deal with this situation ! 

Thanks !


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @jack_lai 
Are you facing the issue even after upgrading the driver version. There were some issues reported on AX210 driver with older version, however Intel resolved it with the latest driver update.
If you still face the issue, then I request you to please open a support case so that we can collect the logs and check on the issue.

There are some workaround which you can try in the meantime:
1. On the SSID settings, try disabling the "Wifi 6" option.
2. Try upgrading the controller to 10.5.1 if the AX210 driver is upto date.

New Contributor

@sanjay_kumar , Thanks for your replay !

First : I check my Ruckus wifi config , but I can not see the section about "disable Wifi6"

Second : Because I do not have Ruckus MA so I can not upgrade to 10.5.1 ; it is sad !

Third : My company use "Lenovo T14" , I found T14 has AX201 , AX210 , AX211 with itself wifi chip . I use Lenovo to check wifi driver version , I update to 2023/03/29 ;  And now I just test it to check this situation happen or not !