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Increase AP in gateway mode performance (disable qos maybe?)

Does anyone have any ideas to improve performance on standalone APs in gateway mode?

I have seen the KBs that state you should not expect more than 100 - 200m speeds when ruk aps are in GW mode (even on highest end ruk APs !) ,  

does anyone have any ideas to maybe disable some qos or other packet processing to improve gateway performance (standalone fw)?

as an example:
we are seeing 70-100mbit TOPS on a 7372 with 104.x FW ,  however even when testing higher end hardware (ie r610 or r720), speeds were maxing out at 150-200m in gateway mode (even when using the 2nd Ethernet port, so no wifi).  (same APs in bridge mode, 400m +) 

(i read somewhere that on unleashed there is a "no qos" command, but i cant find similar on standalone)


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Hi Stephen,
     I can understand how the gateway AP processor has to do more work to route than bridge/switch packets, which is probably more likely for the difference seen.  If you add another AP, in bridge mode, it could/should increase your overall client throughput, depending on placement, etc (even if you can't extend it far from your current AP).

thanks for the reply,  however that does not address the issue at hand.

Are you aware of anything we can try or do on the AP in GW mode to improve its performance?  reduce packet processing in some way maybe?  

( as just one example- at one install we have 200+ ruk APs, one per apartment, so adding a 2nd AP at each gateway AP,  in bridge mode is not an option.  We need to use GW mode as each apartment/ruk AP in gw mode is provisioned by our software with the customers own wifi password and thus they need their own network, in their apartment).  (hotspot / mac based is not an option as too many devices dont have a web-browser)

we have even considered extreme scenarios such as deploying 200x vlans, 200x dhcp servers (at our core, non ruckus router) just to move the routing/nat off these RUK aps in gw mode as the performance is so poor). 


Packet Inspection required for Routing over Switching is CPU intensive. 
This is why you see higher performance in R610/R720 over zf7372 model APs, and I'm afraid QoS will not matter.
Considering your design details, I would recommend a reliable inexpensive gateway router (with GigE interfaces) over using an Access Point,
and think you will see better throughput at the network GW, including VLANs and if you funnel traffic from 200 APs.