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I can't join R300 to ZoneDirector 1200 - cannot upgrade AP fw

New Contributor II
I have R300 AP and I can't join it to the ZD1200.

ZD1200 fw is: build 216
R300 fw is:

When I approve AP on the controller, fw upgrade starts, after that is AP disconnected, after a while fw upgrade starts again and this is happening again and again... (fw upgrade -> disconnected -> fw upgrade -> disconnected.........).

Has anyone an idea how to solve this?

I can't even find fw file on the Ruckus website to upgrade this AP manually...

All suggestions are greatly appreciated.. Thank you....

Hi Mh,

Please enable ftp-anon on the controller using the below commands.

Please login: admin
Welcome to the Ruckus Wireless ZoneDirector 1200 Command Line Interface
ruckus> en
ruckus# config
You have all rights in this mode.
ruckus(config)# system
ruckus(config-sys)# ftp
ftp-anon ftp
ruckus(config-sys)# ftp-anon
The FTP anonymous access has been enabled.
Now, open browser and type "ftp:// address of controller>", a list folders with supported AP model names would show up. Please click on "R300" and "" and click on "rcks_fw.bl7" file to download. Once it is downloaded it should be a size of 8-11 MB.

Disable ftp-anon using below commands. Please make sure you have done this after downloading the firmware; 

ruckus(config-sys)# no ftp-anon
The FTP anonymous access has been disabled.
ruckus(config-sys)# exit
Please upload that file on the AP by enabling its https access, ssh into the AP and use command "https enable", if you do not find upgrade option in the AP's Web Interface please factory reset it.

The AP should successfully join the controller without any issues, in some case toggleing this ftp-anon too resolved these issues.

Abilash PR.

Thank you! But I can't reach that ZDs FTP in the browser and Filezilla client is throwing "Failed to retrieve directory listing".

Sorry, my mistake... It's working.... 🙂

HELPED ME TOO ! Thank you very much....

Hi Mh,

Please use the below link to download the firmware.

FILE: rcks_fw.bl7 8458240 Kb

      AccessCode: 3988c3f4d96f9b60ebee880b82e163f8

Abilash PR.