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How to reset factory default 2211-EXT repeater mode with hard reset button?

New Contributor

I've configured a ruckus 2211-EXT as a repeater and now I cannot connect via default IP address either resetting to factory default with hard reset button. Is it possible to reset it?


Valued Contributor II
This is the reset procedure:

Reset button. Used only if you need to reset the MM2211
Gateway to its factory default settings. While the unit is on,
insert the end of a paper clip or pin into the hole and hold it in
for at least 8 seconds.

If that's not working, the unit might be broken.

New Contributor
I know this is an older thread, but my Metroflex still works after not having been able to use it for almost two years. If you can not access your 2211 even after hard reset than you it may be that the ethernetadapter settings are wrong on your PC. After a tip of someone somwhere else on this site, i used this settings: fixed IP address, mask and default gateway (that's the Ruckus 2211)
You may use another address for the PC adapter, as long as it is in the range to
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