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How to manage Rogue Devices

New Contributor III
I have ZD1000 & ZD1100. I want to disable and blocking the Rogue device like cellular modem device. I see the feature on ZD is only detecting the Rogue Devices and marking the Rogue devices as known if we assume that the Rogue device is innocuous. 

Hence, I'd like to ask about how to manage the Rogue device not only mark as known but also blocking the rogue device from our area.

Does the ZD or Ruckus have a tool how to manage the Rouge Devices like blocking the Rogue Devices? 

Thank you.

Valued Contributor
Once a rogue is detected and you click on the "mark as malicious" that rogue is "remembered" by the ZD until it is rebooted (assuming you have long uptimes that could be months at which point the rogue is probably history and if not will be redetected and you can re-apply the setting).

That's what the number underneath represents, how many rogues marked as malicious are presently in operation and being blocked by the ZD. You might mark 20 rogues but only the ones in operation will be displayed and enumerated.

Detect a live rogue - displayed with "mark as malicious"
Detect a recent rogue (no longer live) - displayed but no other option
You cannot mark a rogue device as malicious unless it is live at that point in time.

You probably know what you mean but your question/query is rather confused and contrary.

Not sure if I can make this any clearer. 
I did say it was not particulaely user friendly or obvious.

New Contributor III
Thanx Max for the answer.

I think it is very difficult to check the other device as rouge devices since I don't have much time to checking it periodically. 

Your answer is very helpful anyway.

Thank you,