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How to force the change of channel when it's "not optimal"

New Contributor II
We are using pairs of 7731 to interconnect some branchs to our main offices (there are 23 pairs in total).

Sometimes these links do not perform well (our monitoring tool shows packet losses and the users complain about).

I took the device log during a fail, and I noticed messages like below:

  • (...) wifi0: Interference detected: util_busy: 327 > 300, badness=1

  • (...) wifi0: RB thinks Ch.100 is not optimal. Best available is Ch.124. Reason: non-blacklisted channel found

  • (...) wifi0: RB won't change from Ch.100 to Ch.124 (warn-only).

  • (...) wifi0: Interference detected: tx_lretry: 1398 > 1000, badness=0

We are using the "SmartSelect" channel, but it didn't change the channel automatically. The problem persisted for 2 hours, and the solution was reboot the root bridge device.

Is there an option to force the change of the channel when that occurs?

Bruno Fonseca.

Valued Contributor II
Hi Bruno,

Are you running the latest version of ZF7731 software?

Valued Contributor
Are bridges located really close to each other. Is it one building in the center and many others around? PtP or PtMP?

New Contributor II
Keith, we are using the version

Primož, all of them are in PtP. The distances in general are short, the closest is about 20 meters and the farthest 2 kilometers.

Valued Contributor
I think the distance is you problem probably. 20m with that many PtPs is quite close if you ask me.

Have you used the channel optimizer in the 7731 to set the channels, or were they done by hand?