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How to create guest wifi with Ruckus AP?

New Contributor II
Hi all, one of our client has a Ruckus 7372 wireless AP and wishes to create a guest wireless network separate from their LAN. I'm going crazy here trying to figure out how to create an isolated network. This unit is also out of support so hopefully someone here can help?

I'm seeing configurations for "local subnets" and creation of VLans but when I connect to the guest wifi's they don't get Internet access only internal IPs. Any help would be appreciated!

Contributor III
Hi AO, 

    I'm guessing your client is using the Ruckus 7372 as standalone correct?  If so what router are they using? Take for example one of my own clients has a Edgerouter Lite setup with POE switch (that supports VLANs) and a Ruckus 7372,  Basically I setup, two VLANs for them, One for their internal use network and security cameras and one for their guests.  For example, for one network I setup VLAN 2 and the other network as VLAN 4.  So on the Edgerouter Lite I setup VLAN 2 with one DHCP server for say 10.1.100.x and on VLAN  4 I setup another DHCP server say 10.1.200.x.   Make sure you trunked VLAN 2 and 4 to the POE switch which then get VLAN 2 and 4  trunked to the Ruckus 7372. Which then you setup one SSID for VLAN 2 and another SSID for VLAN 4. 
Note: if you got something like the Edgerouter Lite or X, I know for the EdgeOS you have to define firewall rules to block of the different subnets of VLANs from contacting each other. 

Or you can also setup a PFsense Router, but would cost more.  Right now I say a cheap reliable router would be either Edgerouter Lite or X.  However Edgerouter is not easy to setup like a consumer wifi router. It does take some know how especially for more advanced functions.

So what is your clients network structure?

Valued Contributor II
Standalone wireless AP's unfortunately don't have a one-click "guest network" option to create a network that allows guests to access the Internet without accessing each other or valuable machines on your network...

As hayk said, you can combine the 7372 with an inexpensive VLAN-supporting routing device such as an Edgerouter Lite or even a home router running DD-WRT/Tomato.