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How to convert a R710 from unleashed to standalone?

New Contributor II
I have a R710 that I converted to unleashed for testing using the instructions in (Convert Standalone/SZ/ZD managed AP to Unleashed Code).

Now I'd like to convert back to standalone and I see the instructions are in KBA-5193 (Converting Ruckus Unleashed AP to Standalone AP) but I don't have access to it:

I tried resetting the R710 unleashed to factory defaults and then using ssh to run fwap_upgrade but it says R710_110. and R710_100_2_1_0_148.bl7 are not valid upgrade images.


Contributor III
what firmware of unleashed are you running? 200.7.10.x?  if so rolll back to 200.6.10.x and I just flashed it back to the standalone firmware with no issues.

New Contributor II
Yes, I have Are you saying downgrade to and then use the web gui to flash or 100_2_1_0_148? Do I reset to factory defaults and do minimal configuration with the unleashed wizard?

I'm a little gun-shy because I know that when you convert from standalone to unleashed you must do a factory defaults reset before flashing or else you will brick the AP (ask me how I know).

when I did it... I had to reboot it physically  and then it worked on standalone firmware. So what were you testing with unleashed? I recommend for unleashed stick with 200.6.10.x firmware currently since so far the current 207.10.x has issues with iOS devices..where you get extreme slow downloads and extreme fast uploads. 

This is what worked for me:
  • downgrade to [this results in a factory defaults reset]
  • installed
  • upgraded to [I probably could have gone directly to]
Once it was running I could not into the web gui but ssh always worked. This turned out to be firefox retaining cookies that the unleashed web gui had left behind. Once I removed them the web gui started worked.

I wanted to switch back to standalone because I want a more complicated vlan configuration and possibly use the second gige port. I also never liked the fact that I couldn't get the iphone speedflex app to really ever work at all. Now that I'm running 110.2 I can download UDP at about 700 Mb/s.

Thanks for the hints.