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How to access factory default config files.

New Contributor
How do you access factory default config files ?  The application is for an end user that has changed the settings and needs to change them back to the settings that we set for them not the default ruckus has set by pressing the reset button on the back of the unit.

Esteemed Contributor II
You can restore a Backup configuration.  You can collect a configuration from a defaulted ZoneDirector.  Can you please clarify your request?

I want to be able to hit the reset button on the back of the R500 and have the defaults be reset to and a few other setting changes instead of and factory defaults

Ah, I see.  Unfortunately, we do not have an AP backup/restore capability today.
You can configure many AP settings by CLI command, and script these to configure a factory defaulted AP,
but it's not a packaged feature per se.

Your Ruckus VAR or account team can file Field Requests on behalf of customers, if this would be a valuable capability.

Valued Contributor II

Actually it seems that such feature does exist, but it is limited to big operators, which are locking APs (so after factory reset AP is still configured to connect to same provider's controllers, to makes pointless to steel them).  Of cause, access to this feature isn't provided to end-users, which would render it useless, and most probably requires some elevated and password protected access or even slightly modified firmware. I have seen reports about locked Ruckus APs got from EBAY (mainly from USA), but never have seen such AP myself (so it is possible that reports were just results of faulty APs or user mistakes). Still, it's a well-known feature which is easy to do for vendor and it is required by any really big provider, so I believe it does exist.