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How to I Make a R650 Unleashed

New Contributor

How to I Make a R650 Unleashed


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @BMR 

Below is the link for the Unleashed software for R650.

You have to follow the below steps to upgrade to Unleashed.
1. Make sure that the AP is in standalone version (104.x, 110.x, 114.x) and not on ZD firmware or SZ firmware.
2. This you can check from the AP cli with command "get version" or from the GUI.
3. If it is on SZ or ZD firmware (This can happen if the AP is previously connected to ZD or SZ), then you need to first upgrade to standalone version.
4. Factory reset the AP by pressing the reset button for more than 10 seconds.
5. Login to the AP GUI with the default IP and the credentials super\sp-admin.
6. Load the Standalone version and upgrade. Post that upgrade the Unleashed version.

So when I used SSH to log into the Router in order to enable http or whatever per the instructions.

The first thing it wanted me to do when I logged in was Change the Admin Password.

But it would time out and disconnect me within seconds before I could even type anything.

So after trying 12 Times I got fed up and returned the two AP’s and ordered 2 that were already in unleashed mode.

I received them today.

Plugged the First one in and configured it as master no problem.

But from what I have seen and read. You should be able to plug in the second one and it should find the master and just program itself.

Nope it just sits there in mode.

If I log into it. I don’t see ant option to Join the Master.

So now what can I do?

New Contributor

How do I apply these bl7 files?

I can not log into the GUI at

My Browser gets Connection Refused.

But I can ping it.

RUCKUS Team Member

Probably the https is disabled.
Login to the CLI and then use command "set https enable"
Then try the GUI.

Once you get into the GUI, probably you need to start with the Factory reset and then check the steps which I mentioned earlier.