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How to Downgrade Ruckus T300 from Unleashed to Standalone

New Contributor III


I would like to know how to downgrade my ruckus T300 from unleashed mode to standalone mode.

I have the ruckus in the most recent unleashed firmware but now i want to do a test moving back to standalone mode.

I am trying to downgrade using CLI commands:




It starts to downloading the patch but after some seconds gives an error.

Image_ images_messages_618abb30aa146e751c52408c_41102fdced941f94c17fff78473a793c_imagem_20211109_181513-aff02eea-7b71-49ae-b4e1-be589448deba-917081236.png
The standalone firmware that i am using its this one: T300_110.

New Contributor III

The ruckus in unleashed mode looks weird because i cannot upgrade via the web browser does not show the AP.

Image_ images_messages_618abba189592b7d4e13896f_f7c60dbb87f5afd8a7d25db30700ba64_imagem_20211109_181907-53eec0dd-59df-426c-bba1-aeca1fce192d-147193597.png

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Please disregard my comment above: I pasted in the wrong procedure.  This is the CLI procedure to update the Standalone firmware to another version of the Standalone firmware. 

To downgrade from Unleashed to Standalone, I did this according to my notes from a couple of weeks ago: 

1) Create a local control file called "fwctl"


2) Host on TFTP server in same directory as the firmware image

3) ssh <AP_IP_Address>

4) enable
5) ap-mode
6) fw set control fwctl
7) fw set proto tftp
😎 fw set host <TFTP_IP_Address>
9) fw update

10) ssh <AP IP address>

11) set factory

12) reboot

Sorry about the confusion above.  I hope this one works out for you instead.  🙂  


@ryan_winland Thanks for the reply Ryan!

I have a question regarding creating the rcks_fw.main

How do I create this file?

ok i got it how to create this file.