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How can I Shut down 5Ghz on APs via Zone Director

New Contributor II
Is there a way to disable the 5Ghz on APs?
Either via ZD or individual AP config?

The reason I ask is that the APs are only able to do 16 SSIDS (8 on 2.4GHz and 8 on 5Ghz)
I would like 10 SSIDS however am unable to do this with 5Ghz using half of the AP.
I understand this is not "Best Practice" however would like to use the amount of SSIDs actually shown on the Ruckus Website which is 16.


Contributor II
It's a bad idea to have 10 SSIDs.  Each SSID (hidden or not) will eat into your airtime and slow down everything, especially on 2.4Ghz.  Reduce your SSIDs.

Either way, turning off the 5Ghz radio won't increase the number of SSIDs available on 2.4Ghz.

What are you trying to achieve exactly?  Why so many SSIDs?

New Contributor
the number of ssid can't increase by disable any frequency in wifi such as 2.4 or 5 G 
so you will use just the number of ssid that in AP 

New Contributor II
Why advertise and sell a product that says it can do 16 SSIDs if it can't.
I didn't ask for any advice on the amount of SSIDs to have thanks, i asked if it was possible to make this product do what it claims it can.

the product can do this, as you have already noticed, but so many SSIDs are against WiFi best practice.


I asked what is the application for so many SSIDs, usually there are other ways of supporting different services without having to resort to using multiple SSIDs.