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High AP count, vSZ and client connection issues

New Contributor
Large warehouse with 54 AP's connected to vSZ in datacentre has an odd looking 'profile' when clients connect, and we do get some flapping reported on switches as they roam to different AP's. I've never had to deal with Ruckus before so I was wondering if someone could confirm if this looks right from a Client Connection Troubleshooting tool point of view. It doesnt look right to me, and I'm tryng to figure out whats could be causing the clients to fail connectivity, so I can figure out how to try and fix it.
vSZ version (I think) is and the AP's are all R720'sImage_ images_messages_5f91c3ff135b77e24790fec8_534de120e3a020c4fa775f920845272f_RackMultipart201903061197141wq-3e147b5c-5e8b-4d54-95f6-aca5dca36525-1334368869.png1551832747