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High AP count, vSZ and client connection issues

New Contributor
Large warehouse with 54 AP's connected to vSZ in datacentre has an odd looking 'profile' when clients connect, and we do get some flapping reported on switches as they roam to different AP's. I've never had to deal with Ruckus before so I was wondering if someone could confirm if this looks right from a Client Connection Troubleshooting tool point of view. It doesnt look right to me, and I'm tryng to figure out whats could be causing the clients to fail connectivity, so I can figure out how to try and fix it.
vSZ version (I think) is and the AP's are all R720'sImage_ images_messages_5f91c3ff135b77e24790fec8_534de120e3a020c4fa775f920845272f_RackMultipart201903061197141wq-3e147b5c-5e8b-4d54-95f6-aca5dca36525-1334368869.png1551832747

Contributor III
54 R720 APs in a warehouse may be at least part of the problem, especially if they are mounted on the ceiling (a common mistake made by less experienced designers). We do warehouses all over North America and Europe, and more than any other partner in the country. I’ve never come close to 54 APs even in the largest ones that are 500-650K sqft. And using the R720 is a huge waste of money and the worst AP to use in an environment where the client density is low, and the typical station is a single stream scanner or an occasional 2-stream mobile device. We use primarily R310’s or R510’s and sometimetimes the T301n depending on rack layout and building dimensions. And we never mount directly to the ceiling structure. Please give a few more details and we can hopefully give you some tips.
- dimensions of the warehouse
- ceiling height, aisle width, and rack type (selective, double deep, push back)
- typical AP mounting location
- typical AP orientation
- typical type of inventory in the racks
- number of WLANs
- is mesh used? (hopefully not)

New Contributor
Thanks for the response. I'll find out this information as its in a location that is a plane flight away,  but I understand they are fixed flat to the ceiling structure, mesh is not used, 5 WLANs at a maximum and the assumption was to have the racks full of fluid storage, back to back racks. Building is 170m Wide (2 buildings with a central breezeway), 176m long and 15m high,  There are some well insulated and thick walled areas for cool storage, food grade warehousing and haz chem (hence 2 buildings). I certainly dont profess to be even a WiFi design novice, and your input would be most appreciated. I'm trying to get a license for the Ruckus design and heat map software so i can try to get to the site and walk it to get a live heat map