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Hidden SSIS's I didn't create showing on scanner

New Contributor III

When using a WiFi Scanner for signal issues I am seeing Hidden networks that I didn't create and they are from MY network. What are the hidden network or signals being broadcast from the AP's ? In WiFi Analyzer they show as question marks and show they belong to Ruckus.

Thank you


Contributor II
I'd say it's likely the case.  The mesh SSID is hidden, and 5GHz only on capable APs.  You could try disabling mesh on a specific AP and see if it disappears from the scan.

New Contributor III
Yep makes perfect sense. I knew that and forgot about it. Ok thanks I will update thread tomorrow.

New Contributor III
Well I cannot do it via GUI and  cannot find a command line command to disable mesh on the controller. I did however snifff some packet and some of the hidden networks are Sonos backhaul mesh and some are Ruckus. So I still want to disasble mesh and see what happens. 

You can do it on an individual AP basis, or per AP group on 9.13+.  It isn't allowed to disable it globally as this could permanently isolate mesh APs you may have.

Hey Mitchel thanks. I didn’t know that. Will give it a go tomorrow. I am on 10.1.1 build 26