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Help picking the right Ruckus APs

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An update of a previous question that didn't get an answer to...

Have bought a new ZD1200 and also a new PoE switch ICX-7150 12P compact (power budget 124w), to sit alongside a passive 24 port switch. Now trying to select the right Ruckus Access Points for my network upgrade project.  

The APs won't be wall or ceiling mounted, but will sit hidden away where convenient and discreet (under desks, on desks/shelves etc) as my office and my wife's office is also our home.  There is no possibility of rewiring.  I know that the ZoneFlex APs were not designed as tabletop APs, but will they work OK like this?  There really is no option to ceiling or wall mount in my house. I also like the idea of an AP with at least one Ethernet output.

I need the signal from two of my internal APs to reach as far as possible outside of the house to connect with external IP cams.  One of these APs will be on a surface near a window (see below 1*) and one on a surface in an outbuilding (see below 2*).  Right now I have Amped APs (each with three 25-30cm external antennae) that are able do the job, but don't consistently hold their indoor clients.  I am prepared to buy external Ruckus APs which accommodate external antennae and use inside the house if this is the only way to get a ZoneFlex with enough range, but it may be that a decent Zoneflex like a R720 will get me there anyway without an antenna. 

Apart from these two longer range APs, the others (probably 5-7 or so) can be lower budget (and lower power budget), but decent (R320/R520?).  I will spend more on my long range solution if necessary.

I prefer not to use have APs outside the house as I didn't need these in my old network, but I will do if I absolutely have to, and then MESH with these.  It's a lot of work to wire these up outside and so I really hope to avoid this.

Thanks in advance!!  Please don't respond suggesting ceiling or wall mounting as this won't work with my wife!

(1*) The AP by the window will be on the second floor, with external IP cams directionally diagonally below.  For this reason I thought the R720 may stand upright on a surface by the window (and facing the window) to cover these IP cams.  Will an R720 actually stand upright and be stable? 

(2*) Outbuilding is half above ground and half below ground.  External IP cams are directionally diagonally above it which is why I think just sticking an R720 on a shelf may work. 


Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Peter,

   Yes, most Ruckus indoor APs are designed to sit horizontally on a cabinet/desktop beside ceilings.
You probably wouldn't mount most of our indoor models on a wall.  For indoor APs to provide outdoor
coverage, you would want them on desk/cabinets close to windows that lead outside to your cameras.
ZD1200 managed APs can Mesh, but not all APs support Mesh (R320), should also be a consideration.

1) Still station the R720 flat on a cabinet/tabletop (or window sill?), and you should reach down 1 floor
quite well (unless your house is stucco/chickenwire/faraday cage material)...

2) Testing will tell, I don't know the distance, but shelf closest to the window, or cabinet/tabletop, should 
be ok.

Good luck and best regards,

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Michael really helpful thank you.  I shall now proceed to buy the R720s knowing that this isn't a crazy choice for sitting horizontally!  For the cheaper APs I'll look at R520s and 320s.  Many thanks.  Much appreciated. P

Contributor II
I may just buy another ICX-7150 12P so that I don't blow the power budget!