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HELP!! I need root password to install VM Tools in virtual Smartzone

New Contributor II
We newly installed or transfer our Virtual Smartzone to a new Machine blade server. Our new server requires us to install VM tools to our VM’s to better optimize the performance
Anyone knows what is the root password of the VM for us to install the VMTools? I think its linux based. thanks

Contributor III
The vsz is a closed appliance. You won't be able to install vmtools. On the other hand, if you're using the correct version of vsz for your HV it will have the proper virtual disk and network drivers and should also handle shutdown messages gracefully. In short you don't need VM tools in then. You already have the needed things in the appliance

New Contributor II
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this instructions shows up what should we do next? thanks

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The new deployed server is Sangfor HCI and requires to install Vmtools what should we do next?? thanks

You can't install them. Just ignore the message. Vsz is a closed appliance with no access to the underlying operating system.