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Guest access and Cisco ASA

New Contributor

We have a ZoneDirector 1100, with several AP's. In our network we have 2 vlan's, connected to a Cisco ASA 5512x. We use a separate vlan for our guest network, with guest-passes.
But when i connect to the Guest network, i do not get the ruckus guest access page. I get a blank page, i think this has to do with the firewall in the ASA. Which ports need to be open for the guest network to connect to the zonedirector?


Esteemed Contributor II
FW ports for Guest VLAN to ZD:

HTTP (tcp:80), and tcp:9999, 9998, 9997

New Contributor

i got some other issue ....

i have redirected all the guest network to an html page that runs on IIS(not on my LAN).
what are the things that needed to be configured on the IIS server inside the HTML ....
i hope my question is clear ... looks like i can not add a topology file to here ...

thanks for any help in advence.


If you wish to host the client login page, not on Ruckus Zonedirector (Guest Access), then you need to deploy HotSpot WLAN solution instead. 
You control authentication and can further customize your greeting page beyond that of our Guest Access solution.