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Guest Access Settings.

New Contributor II
Hi folks, new Ruckus customer and this is my first post here, and I'm having an issue creating a Guess Wifi Network. I'll list the configuration details first, then I'll list the issues that I'm seeing.

Smartzone 100 Controller - V
Zoneflex R510 AP's - V

Controller IP is
AP IP's are from upwards.

We have Multiple VLAN's the ones that are relevant as are follows:-

  • VLAN92 - This is a management VLAN that the Ruckus devices sit within.
  • VLAN168 - This is a network associated with a BYOD network, for Staff/Students to connect their personal deices to. This is an isolated network that simply uses a WPA key for access, there's no RADIUS, LDAP, or any other type of authentication.
  • VLAN30 - This is a network associated with Staff access for corporate devices, Laptops, etc.
There are Multiple SSID's, It's important to mention that clients that connect to these networks work as expected with no issues, so I'm confident that the network backend is all up and running as it should be. Again, the relevant items are below:-
  • RUCKUS-OPEN. This SSID allows clients to connect to the network of VLAN168. WIth authentication set to None, and Encryption set to WPA2, this network works with clients being able to connect fine to the internet.
  • RUCKUS-STAFF. This SSID allows clients to connect to the network of VLAN30, and again, Authentication is set to None, and Encryption set to WPA2.
Network ports which are HP ProCurve devices, that are connected to the AP's and Controller are set as Untagged VLAN92, (allowing access to the management IP of the controller), and Tagged on VLAN168 and VLAN30. (again, I'll mention that everything works fine in the above configuration).

However, we don't want devices connected to RUCKUS-OPEN constantly, so if a user isn't using their device, we don't particular want it connected and using background data all the time, so we simply want people to have to 'accept' terms and conditions every 60 minutes, and they can then have access. (I won't go into the why's of this, that's another discussion). So, based on this, I've done the following:-

  • Created a Guest Access Portal with the following settings.
Start Page - Redirect to our own homepage.
Guest Pass SMS - Disabled.
Show T&C's - Selected.

  • Modified the RUCKUS-OPEN SSID (WLAN)
Changed Auth type to Guest Access.
Changed Authentication to Open.
Changed Encryption to None.
Changed Guest Access Portal to  RUCKUS-OPEN-GUEST_ACCESS.
Bypass CNA - Not enabled.
Guest Authentication - Always Accept.
WIFI Client Isolation - Enabled.

Here are the issues that we have.

  • From a Laptop.
Connect to WIFI network RUCKUS-OPEN. (Device connects fine with an IP of192.168.163.105 which is correct for that LAN.
As soon as I connect, Internet Explorer opens up (using IE as I'm using a fresh install of of Windows 10 as I wanted a fresh install with no config problems).
After around 25 seconds, I get the Ruckus T&C's box open up, if I click accept and Continue, I then get web access.

  • From a Windows Based mobile phone (don't ask why we have them).
Connect to RUCKUS-OPEN, (device gets a suitable IP for the LAN).
I then get a notification saying that Action is Needed to connect to the internet.
I then click on the notification, and then my browser opens up, again with a delay, but this time in the address bar is the address of some other random string text related to a windows phone).
The page address then changes to, and the page states that "we're having trouble displaying this page, try refreshing". Basically it doesn't work, no matter what you do.

  • From an Android based device.
Connect to RUCKUS-OPEN, and device gets an IP for the LAN.
Notification of "sign in to Wifi Network - RUCKUS-OPEN.
Page briefly shows with small text in the corner saying "please wait while we redirect you".
The page fails to load, with an address of in the address bar, the text on the page says "this page can't be reached".

My query is as follows.
Why is there such a delay in being presented with the T&C's on the laptop?
Why does the laptop connect ok? (albeit slowly initially).
Why do the mobile devices fail with different problems?

Any help you could provide in relation to the above would be gratefully received.

(sorry if I've waffled on with the details, but can't stand to see forum requests where there's hardly any information posted).


New Contributor II
It would be awesome if you could post what you found Neil.