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Getting a US-bought ZoneFlex 7363 to work on a UK ZoneDirector

New Contributor II
I am in the UK and I have a ZoneFlex 7363 bought from the US. It is set to US and cannot be changed.

What are the issues with connecting to ZoneDirectors? Will it never connect to a UK ZoneDirector? Can the AP firmware be changed to allow the country setting to be changed? Can a US ZoneDirector be used in the UK. etc.

Valued Contributor II
Hi Timothy Carrington

As per FCC regulation, any RF device bought in the US, must be used in the US only. For this reason US country code is locked to the device.

As long as US AP is connecting to UK ZD it will_NOT_connect however you can set the country code on ZD to US and then US AP would connect to it.

I am not in the UK so not well versed with RF regulation for UK hence would request to contact a local Ruckus sales engineer who can advice you on the options you have and whether it is wise to change UK ZD to US or not.

Firmware upgrades will not fix this

Hope this helps.

PS: I am saying from experience as i had the honor to buy Ruckus AP online and it turned out to be US AP device which i was not able to connect to ZD on India country code hence using it as standalone with minimum transmit power.

New Contributor II
There is an AP cli command: set countrycode UK

Have you tried that?

That works only on the -WW (world-wide) AP models, that can be set to anything except US mode.

New Contributor II
no I hadn't:

get boarddata shows

Fixed Ctry Code: yes


rkscli: get countrycode
Country is US


rkscli: set countrycode UK
parameter error
set countrycode

rkscli: set countrycode uk
parameter error
set countrycode

so I don't think I'll have any luck with that.

I sold this 7363 and it got returned as not working with a UK ZoneDirector. This appears to be normal functionality for a US-locked AP.

The weird thing is that I sold the other 3 of these (I bought 4 brand new from USA last March 2014) in July 2014 and the buyer says they are working fine on his UK ZoneDirector.

I would like to re-list it but I don't want to annoy another customer. Would be nice to know the difference between these two UK ZoneDirectors so I can sell it to someone whose ZD will accept it.