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Firmware for R500, what's up with all the options? What should single AP user use?

New Contributor II
I'm confused about all the download options I get when I try to find firmware for my R500.  There seems to be a 100.x and a 9.x line of firmwares that are developed in parallel?  Why?  And what's an MIB?

Why doesn't the 9.10 download link lead me to a 9.10 download?  It instead gives me a 100.x file.

I am but a simpleton home user who loves good equipment and has no controller.  What is the most current firmware I should be running now?

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The standalone images now have been made available for all AP's in a single file, when you down the image file , you will get the images for all AP's and can use the one you want , this way you have images for all models and do not have to download a an image every time you have a newer model.

We have changed our firmware versions post 9.8, the 9.8 release was the last one to have standalone AP images , from 9.9 onwards there is no standalone images for AP's , all standalone images need to use the 100.x firmware releases. This is also the reason why you do not see standalone images for 9.10.

If you have a standalone AP and want to use the 9.8 version, you can download the version which is the latest Maintenance Release , else you can use the 100.1.0..0.94 , which is also meant for standalone AP's.

MIB files are used to upload in a MIB browser to run SNMP traps etc to understand the networks performance and also to troubleshoot issues.

Hope this has answered all your questions.


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Just to give you a little more information

The access points normally connect to a controller.
For that reason we had two software versions for the access points.

The two controller types are 

An access point with 9.x software on it, can connect only to a Zonedirector, as the SCG version had another version number range.

As customers want to use a Zonedirector AP on their SCG or a SCG AP on a Zonedirector we standardized our firmware in a new range called 100.x.x.x series.

With 100.x.x.x from factory default it can communicate with both SCG and Zonedirector.
And also the 100.x.x.x can be used as standalone version.

If you have more questions regarding this, please let us know.


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Thanks for your amazingly prompt response.  I'm still confused about what my "software version" should say on the Status>Device page if I am fully up to date.  Right now it says  Is this the most recent?  I have no controller and never plan to use one.

Thank you!

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For standalone use, yes, you can use this version.

Kind regards