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Feature Requests

New Contributor III

Can Ruckus look into adding, if possible:

Encryption Method (or something similar) for captive portal/Web authentication, as AD can be connected here, but without it, it would be a open SSID, not great.

Also, having Office365 Login available would be really good, narrowing it down to a certain domain would be awesome, if it can be done 🙂


Contributor III
If you want to encrypt 802.11 data traffic you have only 2 choices - PSK or RADIUS. And whatevet you choose (open, psk, radius) will be the one and only method for a WLAN (no mixing). If you have AD adding radius is the best choice - easy and it works great.

AD with Radius option is not avilable.

Radius uses AD as the user database.

What we require is AD authentication with mac stored radius server. For Device, authentication uses mac authentication and user authentication through the AD.