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External DHCP server, no names

New Contributor
Hello.... without reading through EVERY entry concerning DHCP, here is the situation.  We're migrating from a controller-based Wi-Fi solution to several ZoneFlex R710s running Unleashed.  I've set up an internal and guest SSID in parallel to teh existing SSIDs (just for testing).  I've tested connections to both SSIDs, and I do, in fact, get a correct DHCP address from the correct VLAN for each, but what I'm seeing is that the devices show up with no name

I can identify the devices via MAC address, and I've both deleted the DHCP lease and released / renewed the IP address, but the new address appears the same way.  When connected, I have access to all appropriate destinations.  Is this something that anyone has seen before?  Is there something I might be missing?  Apologies in advance for not having read every DHCP post in advance.

Thank you for your help!