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Experience with Guest Ticket Solution for Restaurant

Contributor III

i am searching for a easy and secure way to deploy a Guest Network for one of my Customers.
My Customer will open a new Restaurant the next few month. And he will offer a free and secure Guest Network for his guests.

I am not sure what is the best way. DPSK printed out on a Paper and give each guest his own DPSK is a little too much, i think.
So i think a Guest Ticket is more, what i like. But the printout (DIN A4 Page) and the overall design is not very nice.
Giving each Guest his own Guest Ticket is also not so cool. Access should be limited to 1 day. For me its not a Problem if each User is using the same Guest Ticket Code.

I thought about putting a little Card (size of a business card) on each table. Print the WPA2 PSK and a valid Guest Ticket Code on it. So all Guests can use this Information on this card to get access. The next day, the cards will be exchange. PSK will be the same, Guest Ticket Code will be a new one.

Maybe someone have some good experience or was in a similar situation.


Contributor III
I read your link.
I don't have to be a free Solution. But of course i like to reach my goal with the Ruckus Hard/Software.

On is following Text:
"Some companies have integrated the exported voucher lists into their point of sale applications to print a voucher on customer receipts."

If there whould be a way to export the Vouchers i am able to generate with Ruckus ZD i whould be happy.

Maybe someone have some information if this is possible.

Contributor III
I saw that i can export my ZoneDirector Vouchers as CSV.
So i think i will create some Vouchers and export them as CSV.
So i am able to export the Voucher Codes from the CSV File and use this Information to make some nicer Printouts as the default Ruckus one.