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Dynamic VLAN with 2 LAN Ports

New Contributor III

I have tested dynamic vlan using R500 with Microsoft NPS and works perfectly fine. 
So new we are planing to add few more APs from R710. with R710 we are gong to connect both the LAN ports for better performance.

I have few questions to verify.

1) Can we use R710 and R500 together in single cluster ?

2) on Microsoft NPS do we need to add all the APs as clients or only Master AP would enough ?

3) When connect both the AP LAN ports is there any additional configuration need to be done ? or both will act as a same ? (meaning does LAN2 also need an IP address ? and is it working as another port or its an addition to LAN1(POE port) / on switch side do i have to configure both the ports as truck and vlan tagging ? )  

Is there best practice documentation for this requirement and configuration.

All we need is Dynamic vlan with single SSID.


Hi ,

Thanks for this.

I just red the gateway mode limitations.

in my case my firewall is the gateway for clients and it act as a dhcp server for each vlan. 

Again thank you so much for the information.
Waiting for your feedback.