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Does anyone have experience directing syslog messages to Kiwi Syslog server?

New Contributor III
Does anyone have experience directing syslog messages to Kiwi Syslog server? No messages are coming into the server, i am listening on UDP port 514 and followed the following document on the Ruckus support site:

  • i can ping the server from the ZD
  • i can ping the ZD from the server
  • the firewall of the server is turned off for testing purposes
  • Kiwi is listening on UDP port 514
  • Debug Logs: System Management Mesh Smart Redundancy Web Authentication RF Management Client Association RADIUSHotspot Services Guest Self-Service Access Points Network Management Web Pages 802.1x Web Server 802.11 & Dynamic VLAN  are all enabled under Diagnostics --> Debugs Logs
  • Under Log Settings: Event Log Level: Show More & Remote Syslog is enabled with the ip address of the server.
Best regards,

New Contributor
Hi Koen

First of all i would check the Kiwi Errorlog.txt then to see if messages are actually arriving at your system fire up Wireshark and sniff all communications from your ZD ip to syslog server.

Additionally Kiwi Syslog Gen can send a test message via the localhost, to test whether Kiwi Server or not it is set up correctly.

Download Kiwi SyslogGen from here:

Good luck


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Hi Koen,

I remember asking one of my customer to use Kiwi on VM and they were never able to make it work.
I did not pursue it further because tftpd32 simple syslog server was working on local machine which comfirmed that ZD is pushing syslog and is working and something wrong with VM or kiwi somewhere...

if you are too running kiwi on VM then try installing something simple syslog on local machine and test to diagnose what the real issue is.

hope this helps.

New Contributor
If you are using the free version of Kiwi you must enter the IP address of the source of your syslog messages.  The free version has a 5 host limit so it will not accept messages from any host.

From Kiwi open Setup from the File menu, scroll down and click on Inputs. (The main heading not on any of the sub headings)  Add the IP address of your ZD into the Receive messages from below IP addresses section.  Click OK or Apply and watch the messages come flying in.