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Does any Ruckus AP support 802.11mc standart?

New Contributor

Hello 🙂

I am working on project where we want to use WiFi RTT for indoor navigation and I am looking for appropriate device which can handle such thing.  Does any Ruckus AP support 802.11mc standart which implements FTM and so RTT?

Kind regards



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Vladimir 
Currently 802.11mc is not supported but we are currently working on it and planned in the SZ\vSZ 7.0 version.


I am working on an indoor positioning project.
My client company is planning to deploy RUCKERS' R series AP when constructing a building communication line.
Will the 'SZ\vSZ 7.0 version' you mentioned be released so that it can be used by updating the firmware on the AP that is already installed? Or will AP be released as a separate model?
And when do you expect it to be released?