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Descent Priced Smart Zone Controller

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I am wanting to get around 8 access points and they need to be FIPS compliant. From what I've gathered I would need a SmartZone controller to run them in FIPS mode. Some of the controllers look like way more than what I need. I was just curious if there's a controller you guys would recommend for a small install?



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My pleasure @corey_britton !

Here's an example BoM for 8x R650 APs managed by vSZ-E:

1x L09-VSCG-WW00 = Virtual SmartZone RTU  license
1x S01-VSCG-1L00 = End User WatchDog Support - VSZ-RTU, 1 YR
8x L09-0001-SG00 = AP management license for SZ
8x S01-0001-1LSG = End User WatchDog Support Per SZ/(v)SZ AP, 1 YR
8x 901-R650-WW00 = R650 dual-band 802.11abgn/ac/ax  Wireless AP

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Hi Corey,

Only Ruckus SmartZone and virtual SmartZone are capable of FIPS, hence these are the only available options to deploy FIPS APs.

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@syamantak_omer thank you. I was just trying to see what the most affordable SmartZone controller would be.

@darrel_rhodes need your help on this one.

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Hi Corey,

FIPS is supported by both hardware and virtualised RUCKUS controller platforms.

By far the most cost effective controller is the virtualSmartZone Essentials (vSZ-E).  The part number for this is: L09-VSCG-WW00

This is for the vSZ 'Right-to-Use (RTU)' license that includes a single AP license, for running on a VM Hypervisor such as VMWare, KVM or Hyper-V. You will also need additional AP and support licenses.

Once you have purchased the vSZ-E RTU you will need to download the FIPS version of the vSZ-E software from the Ruckus support site:

It appears the lastest version of the FIPS compliant vSZ-E is: - this was released on the 26th of July 2021.

We have previously had FIPS-specific AP models but it appears this is no longer required for our latest Wi-Fi 6 APs as we do not have FIPS specific 802.11ax AP models on our price list.

I hope the above information helps.  I would highly recommend you contact your local Ruckus partner for further assistance: