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Default SNMP community in T310C and T310D?

New Contributor

Not in user guide. How does one set a community or see the default SNMP community in T310C and T310D in standalone mode? FW is Many thanks, Jeff


Contributor II

The commands are CLI only:

set remote-mgmt snmp
set snmp version v2c
set snmp system contact <>
set snmp system location <NO SPACES>
set snmp community ro public
set snmp community rw private
get snmp to view

New Contributor

Thank you.

May I ask where did you found those commands?

Many thanks.

I think it's "help snmp" to show the options in the CLI, but I don't have one handy to check so that may be incorrect.  It should be under systemgroup so if that command doesn't work it would be "help systemgroup".  Basically "help <command>" will show you the options like ? on most switches.