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Converting an R500 AP to Unleashed R500

New Contributor II
I see posts that are 2 years old on this topic - so I am looking for affirmation that this is a pretty straight forward push of the unleashed code to a standalone R500. My scenario is is: I have a user with a single R500 in need of additional coverage, I plan to add a single R510 unleashed AP and then convert the stand alone unit to unleashed - creating a seamless WLAN. What are the 'gotchas' I need to be aware of? Appreciate the help!

once flashed - its standalone unleashed, or you can add it to an existing unleashed network

Thanks. But they don't phone home and they do not require any type of cloud connection to manage, correct?

you need the unleashed app to manage it - if you're trying to add to a cloud subscription thats a different track., you should purchase the unleashed support for access to updates & support.

To Answer Jay's question, 

Once the R500 is flashed to unleashed you can manage it locally through the webGUI or use the App to manage the master AP. You do not need to buy a support contract at all.  The last update that the R500 will get is unleashed firmware  dated 12-24-2019.  You can download it free as long as you create the free forums account.