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Convert R500 controlled to autonomous error!

New Contributor II
Hi guys,
I was using a r500 controlled by a zd1200 with firmware, but now i need to convert it to autonomous for a test.

Nowadays the ap has the firmware

I downloaded the follows files:

I reseted the ap r500

And i used the "local" option in the GUI ( in order to upgrade but i have the follow message:

The following error occurred
bad firmware header magic

this error happen with the 2 files i don ́t know where is the problem.

thanks for your comments!,

Valued Contributor II
Just to confirm -- did you unzip the files and find the R500 .bl7 file? Uploading the entire .zip file won't work -- it's an archive with the firmwares for all the APs supported by that release.

New Contributor II
Thanks john!, i forgot that little detail!! it ́s wornking now in mode autonomous.

Additionally please do not make a mistake and flash an AP with the wrong firmware if you are moving from a SZ to standalone, as it will brick the AP; it does not do any internal checks on the file as of yet when moving between platforms.

If you get an error after an upgrade (it's been known to happen) do a MD5 on the file that you downloaded:
CertUtil -hashfile C:\Users\username\Downloads\yourfile.bl7 MD5
Note: Ruckus have stopped posting the MD5 checksum values for zipped files, so you may have to contact support to verify the MD5 value.