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Considering moving from Unifi to Ruckus

New Contributor

Hi Folks

Currently I live in a fairly large (but not huge) 4 bedroom semi detached house and have a Unifi system.

I have the following:

USG router

6 x AP-Pro access points

A Unifi switch but also some TP link switches.

Mostly rack mounted in the garage.

Usually have around 50 clients connected at any one time  - mix of wifi/hardwire.

USG is starting to be pretty old tech now and increasingly I'm seeing some issues.  Ubiquiti tech support is hopeless esp if you are a networking novice.

I got the impression that 6 AP's is probably a little OTT (I did not install them all, a company did as part of a renovation 2 years ago) - and that Ruckus would be able to provide similar/better coverage with far fewer.

What I really want to do is move to a high performing, rock solid system - and that is why I found my way here based on what I've been reading.

What Ruckus HW do you think I should be considering to replace the above system?

Many thanks for any guidance!


New Contributor III

define "fairly large"? 3000sqft, 6000sqft? Construction? Use case? Externa areas etc? Without more details. no-one can really advise. 

I have 6 Ruckus APs in 3500sqft and think its close to optimal. Trying to cover too large an area with too few APs results in poor performance and especially roaming issues IME. Ruckus achieves I would estimate 10% increase in range over Unifi. The configuration makes a significant difference so learn yourself or find someone who knows what that are doing with the required tools to optimize your install. 

New Contributor

Thanks for responding - fair advice.

Perhaps it's fairly small (the house) and not fairly large as I would think it's about 2000sqft. Brick construction. 2 floors.  Includes garage.  Living area downstairs is mainly open plan.

External - rear 90ft garden.  About 9.5meters wide

Use case.

Regular wifi clients (phones, tablets, 'security' cameras, nest video doorbell etc).  Quite a number of hardwired clients (TVs, desktop comp, NAS, NUC, Sonos system.  4k Media distribution hub sending sky, amazon fire, nvidia shield, Blu-ray over ethernet etc. 

Not sure how much that helps.  I will certainly go to a professional installer ultimately but just wondering if anyone had an idea on what the 'ballpark' HW might need would be 🙂


New Contributor III

Brick walls attenuate the signal more than the typical US wood framing so 4 would be my low end guess and ideally 6 to maintain at least the performance you have now. 

Ruckus R650/R750 probably make the most sense for you running Unleashed. Availability sucks right now due to supply chain issues and may folks have been waiting for some time for product. Wifi6E is probably too far out still to be worth considering currently.