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Connect two sites with T300 ?

New Contributor II
I'd like to know how can i connect to sites (400 m) using T300 Ap's ?
Thank You

New Contributor II
Actually the firmware version is
"Software Version:"
Can I configure Mesh with this version ?
Can you give me a link to a user manuel to configure it ?

Esteemed Contributor II
No, that version is ZoneFlex standalone AP image, from a 901-xxx ordering part number, and does not do mesh without a ZoneDirector.
Tell your Supplier, that you need Unleashed 9U1-xxx ordering part number APs.
Find Quick Start Guide and Release Notes for Unleashed, on the Support site:

Valued Contributor II
I feel like this might be really pushing the T300s to their limit depending on the bandwidth requirement for the link... I only cover around a 200m area and even with clear line of sight around the edges you can start seeing throughput drop due to lower RSSI noticeably even with 80MHz channels and good RF.

Perhaps a T301n or T301s might make this more realistic, but the P300 pair is really designed for this job and appears to be priced attractively relative to buying two T301n's.

Rostom, out of curiosity, why the insistence on using the T300 specifically for this job?

Contributor III
+1 for the P300. What you are describing is a P-P link not a mesh network.  

New Contributor II
It Worked fine, for 230 m of distance.
The P300 Model is not allowed actually in our country ( We will see with our supplier to get P300 in the futur projects).
Thank you very much