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Complaints of connections issues require weekly reboots to correct.

New Contributor
I have to reboot my APs all the time. I have both 2.4 and 5ghz turned on with the same SSID and encryption to accommodate various anntenna types. I have 3 7363 with auto select channels all configured the same way in a single floor open floor plan (no walls) and users complain weekly. I have to reboot and all is well. Please help, I promised these APs would work better than the Cisco ones I replaced and it does not seem to be the case 5 months later.

Valued Contributor II
Dear Christopher Barbosa,

I got series of questions:

Is your setup standalone or controller based?
Which firmware version? current is 9.7, if it is older then please upgrade to latest after checking with support team and release notes.
rebooting the AP's fixes the issue so how does the issue manifests? Not able to connect or Slow Wireless or No signal etc?

Esteemed Contributor II
Standalone APs will only choose a new channel (SmartSelect) when they are
rebooted, as they don't communicate with other APs. Adding a ZoneDirector
controller, allows the ZD to update the APs with periodic (def 10min) best
channel/power settings, and can adapt to dynamic changes in RF/interference,
that standalone APs by themselves don't. Additionally, Channelfly feature in ZD
managed case, will choose the best of all 11 of the available 2.4G channels, and
improves throughput.

Second thought, does rebooting the client radio/NIC also help with connection
problems? Are all clients on the AP having issues, or just one?