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Command Line Documentation For Standalone 7982

Looking for a reference guide to the CLI on a standalone 7982 running 9.6.  What I'm ultimately looking to do is run a script to pull client connectivity info (iPhones) from the two access points I have and present it to our users so they know who's currently in or out of the office.   Thanks

Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Todd,

   Check to see if these work.  Pick an AP IP address and SSH into it (ie with putty).
Issue the command "get wlanlist" to see the WLANs that are defined on your 7982.
If you have two active WLANs, running on both radios, you will see WLAN0 and WLAN1
and WLAN32 and WLAN33 in UP state.  (look for the WLAN X's that are up).

Issue the command "get station wlanX list" for client MAC and radio capabilities, one line each;
and/or "get client-info WLANX" for each of your WLANs in use, and you will get a summary of the
connected clients, with some useful details to help ID them (O/S type, hostname, IP address).

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Thanks Michael Brado!