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AP7372 has an up time of 3 hours+

New Contributor
AP7372 has an up time of 3 hours+ whereby some amounted to days. This has caused slow connectivity. Please help to identify potential issue.

New Contributor II
Jayne Chin, What uptime do you normally experience?

New Contributor
What is ruckus standard of usual uptime. However, But normally, all network devices (other brands) should register their uptime since the day they were turned on or the day they were rebooted, or crashed.
So, at that day, there's no manual power cycle or power failure, no one did any firmware upgrade which might cause the AP to reboot itself. So the only explanation left is that device crashed?
Is this is the standard experienced by all Ruckus users.

is this AP managed or stand alone?

Valued Contributor II

uptime on Ruckus device you see is primarily after last reboot. if you are not able to make out what would have caused so it would be power reboot, software crash (many reasons within it)

you should pull a AP support of this AP and report it to support dept so that they can review it