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Clients disconnection issue

New Contributor II

We have some issues about clients randomly disconnected from our Wifi.
It happens frequently without clear reason.
When they are disconnected, the can disconnect and reconnect to the network and it's working fine again.
Our Wlan is configured with WPA2/AES security.
No isolation, no captive portal.
We set the inactivity disconnection to 500minutes.
It's configured to provide a VLAN (33)

Our controller is a ZD1200
Firmware : build 33
Our access points are R500

Do not hesitate if you need some more information.

Thank you for your help !


New Contributor II
had seen this issue with ZD3000 and stil having similar issue in Smartzone 100. Sent out multiple OTA captures . Issue still unresolved. All we see on the logs is "reason code 4" - client inactivity timeout and this is happening in IOS devices. Is yours issue the same? @Matthieu

New Contributor II
We have this issue especially on windows 7 computers.

For mac addresses that are disconnected, we can see this kind of logs :

STA-DISASSOC-REASON [ieee80211_input(),2097,received IEEE80211_FC0_SUBTYPE_DISASSOC] 10:08:b1:a0:9c:a1 rx_rssi=54,ack_rssi=0,reason=8,freq=2452,chan=9,rx pkt,byte;tx pkt,byte=(4712,1061152,75127,11654925).

I can't see some "reason code 4" - client inactivity timeout" in our logs.

Your message, with reason=8, says the client left the AP WLAN.

New Contributor II
same problem here. Did multiple captures and sent support logs. All we get is reason code 4 as well. It really hard to replicate & customers complain different times of the day in diff location. Not possible to do the entire OTA capture with them.However managed to do OTA but still all Ruckus is saying is reason code 4 . Whats next? BTW this problem started in ZD3000 and still is present in our SZ100 with the latest code.