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Client connect and gets 5G at first, but then drops to 2.5G

New Contributor

We have 3 R500 AP's and a ZoneDirector 1106 controller and are facing an issue with our end users when connecting their first connect to the 5G band but within seconds are dropped down to the 2.4G band.

How can I stop this, we have AC AP's and we cant use it.


Esteemed Contributor II
Troubleshooting tips:
1) How many clients do you have on each AP?
2) What kind of clients do you have?  Do all clients migrate to 2.4 after connecting to 5g first?
3) What is your 2.4g and 5g RF environment on each of your 3 APs (What do you see in the Support Info files)?
4) What could affect your AP radios, are they mounted properly, following a site survey, away from equipment and heating/AC ducts, etc?

New Contributor II
Hi Peter,

I got same issue last time, and now already solved.
Try configure this :
1. Change channel on radio 5Ghz to channel what your country use, for example in indonesia just 4 channel can be use, ch 149,153,157,161
2. Change Channellization radio 5Ghz to 20, for example in Indonesia the device is not support Channelization 40,80