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Client OS fingerprinting on Standalone AP

Valued Contributor II
Ladies and Gentlemens,

I am using a standalone AP 7352/7982 with Latest 9.8 code. Client OS fingerprinting is ENABLED however for me to see which STA or client is running what OS, i need to click on each Mac address to find out in below screenshot to see

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3ed135b77e2478e9c04_fb2648befb0f1bf4e7c78a3a2189492e_clientfingerprinting_inline-08022aea-26be-42d6-80ce-ee319fdce34a-531862394.png1406107193

this shall be simplified by putting OS info directly in the connected device table and allowing sort in the table will also segregate the users based on OS

Adding this will take away lots of overhead if i have to find out how many Android, Ios, devices are connected.