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Realtime logging on ZD1100

New Contributor
Hi there,
I am having some odd hiccups when users roam between 6x 7363 ap's and am trying to see whats happening but find that the monitor web page on the zd is a bit slow to update.. is there somewhere that i can increase the update frequency or is there a way to access all logging in realtime via the cli?

im wanting to see which ap's users roam to as it happens as I have 2-3 overlapping
and this area is causing a drop off for 2-3 seconds whilst the client re-connects..



Valued Contributor II
Hello Mike,

What i would suggest is that you set up a local syslog server and enable the syslog feature on ZD to start pushing all the logs to your server so that
you can take a look. goto --> ZDGUI --> configure --> system-> syslog

Also enable diagnostic for client so that you see what you are looking for.

goto --> ZDGUI --> Admin tab --> diagnostics --> debug logs --> only enable for 802.11

If you are one of those who are always in the field then i suggest you go for online/cloud syslog server like -

again same way point your ZD to so that you can see syslog on the move on their website

try out as they have free account too and easy to config. You see logs literally realtime.

hope this help.