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Client Bridge - Ruckus or other?

New Contributor
I am setting up a ruckus mesh network with a handful of R710 APs and a ZD.  The wireless environment is very difficult/unpredictable (we will be setting up this network in multiple locations with litte or no ability to site-survey beforehand), and we have several wired clients that must connect through a bridge of some sort.  My original idea was to use another R710 as the bridge, relying on the mesh backhaul to get them the connectivity they need via a switch connected to the single R710.

However, there may be circumstances (beyond our control) that interfere with the 5Ghz band, and to my knowledge, the ruckus APs won't mesh via 2.4Ghz (please correct me if I'm wrong).  In this circumstance might it be better to go with something like an Aruba 501 client bridge, since it will act as a bridge across both bands?

Contributor III
Note that there is a limitation as to how many wired clients can connect through the AP's ethernet interface if I am remembering correctly.
So if you were to connect a 48 port switch and then have 48 devices and along with wireless client you may be in trouble.

New Contributor
Thanks, this is all very helpful.

Contributor II
You can mesh with 2.4/5 GHz with Ruckus APs:

ruckus(config-mesh)# mesh-radio-option
  2.4G                 Selects mesh radio type(2.4G).
  5G                   Selects mesh radio type(5G).