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Changing APs & ZD from one VLAN to Another

New Contributor II

We manage a Zone Director 3050 and approximately 75 APs at a hotel, currently both the APs and the ZD are on vlan100. We need to change this to vlan101. Is there an easy way to change this? Currently, the APs are pulling DHCP on vlan100, and the ZD is set to a static IP address on the same vlan.

I've tried unsuccessfully changing the ZD to DHCP first (on vlan100) and then changing it to DHCP on vlan101. After doing this, the APs did not re-DHCP on the new VLAN, and looked to still be looking for the ZD at the old IP address, and on vlan100.

Hi Bob,

Have you managed to change the static IP address on ZD? How about APs switch ports , did you change the config to VLAN 101 ?


Esteemed Contributor II
Changing ZD/AP management VLAN can be tricky. Is VLAN 100 currently tagged
or untagged in your environment? If VLAN 100 is untagged, your ZD would have
VLAN 1 specified under Configure/System device IP settings page. Ruckus devices
will consider VLAN 1 to be untagged. We recommend to use a static IP address in
VLAN 101 for your ZD, outside the VLAN 101 dhcp scope you setup, so you can
always reach your ZoneDirector.

Question number 2, do you specify VLAN 100 on the Configure/Access Points page,
AP Policies, Management VLAN box? If you have VLAN 1 here, that would be ok
if VLAN 100 is untagged in your network.

If your current VLAN 100 is untagged in your network, you need to change your
switches to use VLAN 101 as native/untagged, coordinated with your ZD/AP move.
Prior to your move, you need to be sure you have VLAN 100 at all the ZD/AP
switch ports too.

Configure your VLAN 101 dhcp scope to use Option 43 with your ZD's IP address
from VLAN 101, or a DNS hostname 'zonedirector' resolving to the new IP address.
This will help point them to your ZD after the VLAN change.

Another pre-configuration that can help with the transition, would be to enter your
ZD's new IP address as the Secondary ZD address on the AP Policies section of
the Configure/Access Point page.

Similarly, you can issue a command from your ZD's CLI interface, to tell all APs
to use either the current or new IP address. From ZD debug mode:

remote_ap_cli - A "set director ip a.b.c.d e.f.g.h"

where a.b.c.d is your current ZD IP, and e.f.g.h is the VLAN 101 IP address.

If you deploy new APs on VLAN 101, but don't have option 43/DNS, you can
manually direct an AP to the ZD's new IP address, with an AP CLI command:

set director ip e.f.g.h


If using tagged VLAN 100/101 in your network, you may need to attach your PC
to a 'access VLAN 101' switch port, in order to communicate with your ZD after
you change the Configure/System VLAN ID to 101 (meaning ZD expects all pkts
to be tagged on VLAN 101).

I hope this is helpful for your pre-change planning.